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Virtual Fitness Coaching Online – Does It Work?

Keeping fit is not easy, and it takes effort and dedication. You may even need to get a personal trainer to guide you and act as your accountability partner in your journey. However, hiring a fitness coach may not work for some people for various reasons. Some of the reasons include the high cost, busy schedules, and others.

Luckily, if you want to have a trainer but it is challenging to hire a trainer to meet with one-on-one, you may consider hiring a virtual fitness coach. This involves getting a trainer with whom you interact online. You can check out https://www.drivetrainhustle.com/ for the best virtual fitness coach and start your fitness journey or take it to the next level.

However, many people wonder if virtual fitness coaching online works. Below are some of the reasons that shows it works, and you should give it a thought:

It Is Very Flexible

iit is flexibleOne thing that makes many people not hire a personal fitness coach is the time factor. Some people have busy schedules, juggling between jobs, education, and family. This makes it hard to enroll in a gym. The good news is that virtual fitness coaching can work for such individuals because they only need to agree on the best time with their trainers and get things started.

The trainee also does not have to drive or commute long distances to go to a fitness center. They can work out in their house or even when traveling, provided they have a gadget like a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer and internet connection.

It Provides Accountability and Guidance

provide accountabilityWhen one is new in a fitness journey, they lack motivation and discipline to follow their routine and eat their proper diet. If not guided and held accountable, they can quickly drop out and never realize their goals of losing weight, getting in good shape, and so on. Fortunately, hiring a virtual fitness trainer can help such people stick to their routines because they have someone to guide them and account for their activities or inactivity.

It Allows to Connect With Specialized Trainers

If you are so specific about the expertise you want your coach to have, or you are looking for a trainer who specializes in a particular niche, say, training vegans, then a virtual trainer is the best choice for you. This is because you can work virtually with a trainer in another country or region and achieve the results you want. In addition, the physical distance and time difference does not have to hinder you from getting the guidance you need and attaining your goals.


Why is walking good for your health?

Walking is good for your health, and it is regarded as the best form of exercise. Doing so even half an hour every day can go a long way in making sure that you are fit and healthy. This type of aerobic exercise is very easy to do. You don’t need to go to the gym, and you can do it anytime of the day. You can even do it at work.

And also, if you have twins, you can conveniently go for a walk and take your kids with you. How?  You and your little ones will surely enjoy the walk and the breeze outside.

The benefits of walking

Below, we are going to look at the health benefits of walking and the reasons why it is considered as the easiest but the best among all forms of exercise.

Helps you lose weight

scaleIf you have just given birth to twins, then for sure, one of your fitness goals is to lose the extra pounds that you have gained during the pregnancy. You will be able to burn, at least, 70 calories depending on your speed. The faster you walk within an hour, the more calories you will get to burn. And like what was mentioned earlier, you can take the twins with you every time you decide to go for a walk whether it be around the neighborhood or at the park.

Increases your energy level

After a long day of doing household chores and looking after your babies, for sure, you will lack the energy to do other things. This could be avoided if you go for a walk as it will help increase your energy level. So, it is highly recommended that you make it a habit of going for a walk in the morning, which is the best time.

Walking improves your blood circulation which, in turn, will allow your cells the nutrients that they need. This will then energize you. Hence you will be more productive all throughout the day.

Prevents depression

happy womanIf you have just given birth, you might go through depression (postpartum depression). One of the best ways to fight this is going for a walk. This useful exercise has the power to improve your mood. It stimulates the production of endorphins. Thus it makes you feel happy, which also promotes good mental health.