How to Know the Perfect Trampoline for Your Fitness Program

Trampolines are not only for the children. They are also for you. While you should buy a bigger trampoline for your children, you can also find a smaller-sized for you. You might think that it is the reverse, but it’s not. Small-sized trampolines are better when doing workouts.

You may also ask why you have to buy a trampoline when you have your personal gym or do morning walks to a nearby hill? A small trampoline or a rebounder is a health device that can give you results that you cannot get from other exercises.

Do you know that rebounding is the best exercise for lymphatic drainage? Our lymphatic system is an integral part of our circulatory system. Its primary function is to cleanse cells and drain waste materials into proper organs. Don’t you think that is a crucial role? Doing exercises on a trampoline is also safer for you while giving you your fitness goals as efficiently as other exercise regimens. The advantage of trampoline exercises is that it prevents damaging impact on your joints, bones, and connective tissues. This will lessen the chance of injuries.

So there. You already know a few of the reasons why you should have an exercise trampoline in your home.Here’s what you should check to know it.



You need to be on stable ground when you exercise. The trampoline should have at least 6 feet to be stable. You should also check on durability. Go for trampolines with bungee cords instead of spring-based rebounders.

Carrying Capacity

Each model has its weight limit. You should select one that can carry your weight. You may be damaging your rebounder if you weigh more than the weight limit that it can carry. While you should select a trampoline that can take your weight, it helps if you buy a lightweight rebounder. It will be convenient for you to move it around.


When checking for durability, you should inspect the frame, legs, and the cords. The legs and frame should be made from sturdy steel. They should also be coated to prevent rust.

Bounce Quality

Spring-based rebounders can give you a higher bounce, but bungee cords are preferred because they are more durable. The former can easily snap, especially if you are heavier.


There is no exact ideal measurement for rebounders, although trampolines with 30 inches diameter are common. What you should check more importantly is the height. Your feet should not touch the ground when you land on the rebounder.

A quality rebounder will not cost much, but its health benefits are enormous.