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Benefits of breast reconstruction to cancer survivors

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of breast cancer cases among women. In most cases, this leads to either partial or full mastectomy. This is unfortunate as breasts are among the most valuable assets of a woman.

Restoring quality of life

This is among the major benefits of having a surgerybreast reconstruction procedure. The news of being diagnosed with breast cancer can be overwhelming and traumatizing. You may not know where to start, but it is key to note that, undergoing a breast mastectomy can save your life. With the help of an experienced breast reconstruction expert, you are in a position of making an informed decision. Ultimately, this will resort to improved life quality.

Achieve natural appearance

After successful breast cancer treatment, many women wish to restore their feminine look. Apart from restoring your natural look, this procedure also guarantees lasting results; it helps you forget the tough moments and increase your confidence levels. With the services of a breast reconstruction surgeon, this is possible. They will consult your oncology to ensure you get the best out of the procedure. Furthermore, these experts employ recent technological advancements that contribute to the above benefits.

Optimal results

Previously, once the oncology team advised on breast removal, the only option you would have was to have your breast cut. This is not the case nowadays. With the recent breast reconstruction techniques, doctors restore the nipple, breast tissue, and areola leaving the client with most of the breast tissues.

You can have other breast procedures along with breast reconstruction

breast reconstructionBreast reconstruction and mastectomy can be done simultaneously. This makes it ideal to have implants once the breast tissue has been removed. Besides, you can also have a breast lift and augmentation done concurrently with breast reconstruction. With this, clients enjoy better breast looks and firmness.

With a breast reconstruction procedure, you are confident of enjoying all the above benefits. However, it goes without saying that you have to seek the services of a renowned breast reconstruction expert before the procedure. You can research online or have recommendations from friends who have heard such an experience.